Every watch collection developed by Giuliano Mazzuoli is a testimony to a creative ingenuity and an interpretive sensibility that combined the values of tradition with an innovative brilliance.

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“One pushed it and the other drove it. My brother and I used to take turns at the wheel of my father’s car while one of us simulated the sound of the engine with his mouth. That car however, did not have a tachometer (“contagiri” in Italian) that I had seen in a neighbor’s sports car where the more gas you gave it, the higher the pointer went. It was a great emotion that brought me closer to having a passion for the world of automobiles and it was this instrument that when I got older made me feel other emotions and inspired me to design a watch for the world of motors.”

gm watch, contigri collection, steel, white dial, rubber strap


“Whomever buys one of my watches does so not because he wants to be recognized, but for his own pleasure. They are searching for the same kind of emotions I have with the product. They share with me the values of simplicity, originality, and “Italianess”.”