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For over 50 years, the name of Bruno Söhnle has been connected to the German watch-making craft. The former Assmannhaus in Glashütte, Saxony is both a production and development centre. This is where specialists refine and reassemble precision quartz movements.

Make a traditional Bruno Söhnle watch your constant companion and experience a wholly new dimension of time. Our new watch collection makes flexible decisions possible. Elegant, sportive, dedicatedly feminine or avant-garde – Bruno Söhnle will always offer the right watch at the right time.

Tradition that Connects

Precision watches with timeless design, consisting of Swiss quartz movements enclosed in the finest materials and produced at the heart of the watch-making trade in Glashütte. That is the BS design line of Bruno Söhnle.

The watch-making craft’s tradition goes back to early medieval times. Even then, watches were not just devices to measure time, but also valuable decorative pieces and technical wonders. Then and now, watches combine an emotional component with practical use. The artful technology, fine design and historical importance of these watches seem to magically transfer to their owners. A craftsman can make watches, but only inspiration and sensitivity of an artist will turn them into masterpiece.

The new collections of the Bruno Söhnle watch manufacture are not only aligned with tradition but they also combine centuries of knowledge and fulfill a long-harbored dream. They are true pieces of art, produced in the family’s tradition.

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